Recent publications


Kennedy, E. H., M.J. Cohen, and N.T. Krogman. (2016). Putting Sustainability into Practice: Applications and Advances in Research on Sustainable Consumption. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

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Special Issues:

Kennedy, Emily H. and Josée Johnston. 2019. Civic Responses to Environmental Issues: How Culture Matters. Sociological Perspectives, 62(5).

Recent Articles:

Kennedy, Emily H. and Josée Johnston. 2019. If you love the environment, why don’t you do something to save it? Bringing culture into environmental analysis. Sociological Perspectives, 62(5): 593-602.

Kennedy, Emily H. and Jennifer Givens. 2019. From powerlessness to eco-habitus: Reconsidering environmental concern as class and identity performance. Sociological Perspectives. 62(5): 646-672.

Kennedy, Emily H. and Julie A. Kmec. 2019. Is there an “ideal feeder”? How healthy and eco-friendly consumption choices impact judgments of parents. Agriculture and Human Values. 36(1):137-151.

Kennedy, Emily H. and Christine Horne. 2019. Do green behaviors earn social status? Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World. 5: pp.1-9. DOI: 10.1177/2378023119836330.

Kennedy, Emily H., Baumann, Shyon, and Josée Johnston. 2019. Eating for taste and eating for change: Ethical consumption as a high-status practice. Social Forces. 98(1): 381-402.

Horne, Christine and Emily H. Kennedy. 2018. Explaining support for renewable energy: Commitments to self-sufficiency and communion. Environmental Politics. 28(5): 929-949.

Kennedy, Emily H., Josée Johnston and John R. Parkins. 2018. Small-p politics: How pleasurable, convivial, and pragmatic political ideals influence engagement in eat-local initiatives. British Journal of Sociology. 69(3): 670-690.

Kennedy, Emily H. and Julie A. Kmec. 2018. Is environmentalism bad for women? Reinterpreting the gender gap in household pro-environmental behaviour. Environmental Sociology, 4(3): 299-310.

Kennedy, Emily H., John R. Parkins, and Josée Johnston. 2018. Food activists, consumer strategies, and the democratic imagination: Insights from eat-local movements. Journal of Consumer Culture 18(1): 149-168.